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Educate Your Child About Oral Health

Our pediatric dentist, Dr. Lauri Williams, is pleased to offer a program allowing for the education our community. Dental health month is during the month of February. Alabaster Pediatric Dentistry sponsors a dental program for local elementary schools, Mother’s Day Out and daycare centers. Our focus is on preschool through second-grade children.

The program is offered by one of our experienced hygienists at Alabaster Pediatric Dentistry. This program is a fun and interactive experience for your child and features photos, video and puppets to engage your child and teach them the importance of good oral health.

Your child will receive an oral health packet that contains a toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, timer, toothbrush cover and disclosing tablets. There will also be a brief overview of the program in the packet for the parents.

Call Us to Schedule a Dental Education Program

If you are interested in scheduling a program for your child’s school, daycare or childcare program, call our office or send an email to us at dentaled@alabastersmiles.com. Our times are limited, and we tend to book quickly. So, contact us at 205-664-2130 early to schedule your appointment or feel free visit our pediatric dental office in Alabaster, Alabama.