Depend on Our Staff for Your Child's First Visit

It is recommended by Alabaster Pediatric Dentistry and the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry that your child's first dental visit be scheduled by their 1st birthday. Our staff wants your child to enjoy their first visit with our dentists.

We want your child's first visit to be a pleasant and comfortable experience. Your child should be encouraged to discuss any fears or anxiety they are feeling.

As a parent, our team suggests that you do not make a big deal regarding the visit and refrain from using words such as "needle" or "drill."

Place Your Trust in Our Staff

The staff at Alabaster Pediatric Dentistry is experienced in dealing with children that are having anxiety issues and can help explain all the treatment procedures in a positive and pleasant manner to avoid any negative feelings towards dentistry.

Comprehensive Examination of Your Child

Our staff will record your child's dental and medical history with a comprehensive examination and explain any findings with you. We will also discuss the importance of maintaining good dental health to ensure that your child has a healthy and beautiful smile for life. 

Please review the form buttons on this page and fill out before your first visit. If you have any questions at all before your child's first visit, call our office.

Patient and kind
I took my children to Alabaster Pediatric Dentistry on a recommendation from a family member. My daughter was very fearful of the dentist and we'd had a bad experience where a dentist wanted to anesthetize her for a filling. We went to Dr Laurie before we made the decision to have our daughter put to sleep. Dr Laurie and her staff were wonderful! Patient, understanding and gentle with my frightened daughter. She was able to get her fillings without being put to sleep! I'm happy to say that after several more visits my daughter is brave and no longer fearful of the dentist thanks to the staff here!
Johnna M.
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